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  • 235 : Syntax Wars

    19 novembre, par erik seligman
    Audio Link Recently my daughter was complaining about having to do a "sentence diagramming" assignment in school. As you may recall, this is when you take sentences and break up their words into a kind of chart, showing clearly the subject, verb, and object, and with outlying slanted lines (...)
  • 234 : Le Grand K

    15 octobre, par erik seligman
    Audio Link Before we start, let me apologize for the delay in getting this episode out. My old ISP imploded recently, not even giving its users the courtesy of domain or email forwarding, so I had to spend some time straightening out my online life. Note that this also means the Math Mutation (...)
  • 233 : A Totalitarian Theorem

    28 août, par erik seligman
    Audio Link A couple of weeks ago, on August 15th 2017, we celebrated a rare Pythagorean Theorem Day, since 8 squared + 15 squared equals 17 squared. This reminded me of an anecdote I read recently in Amir Alexander’s book “Infintesmal”, a history of the controversies over the concept of (...)
  • 232 : Overcooked Bacon

    30 juillet, par erik seligman
    Audio Link You’ve almost certainly heard of the “Six Degrees of Separation” phenomenon, sometimes known whimsically as the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, where it supposedly takes only an average of 6 connections to reach any person on the planet from any other. In the case of the common Kevin Bacon (...)
  • Sans titre

    23 juillet, par erik seligman

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