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  • 240 : R.I.P. Little Twelvetoes

    28 avril, par erik seligman
    Audio Link I was sad to hear of the recent passing of legendary jazz artist Bob Dorough, whose voice is probably still echoing in the minds of those of you who were children in the 1970s. While Dorough composed many excellent jazz tunes— his “Comin’ Home Baby” is still on regular rotation on my (...)
  • 239 : The Shape Of Our Knowledge

    1er avril, par erik seligman
    Audio Link Recently I’ve been reading Umberto Eco’s essay collection titled “From the Tree to the Labyrinth”. In it, he discusses the many attempts over history to cleanly organize and index the body of human knowledge. We have a natural tendency to try to impose order on the large amount of (...)
  • 238 : Programming Your Donkey

    18 février, par erik seligman
    Audio Link You have probably heard some form of the famous philosophical conundrum known as Buridan’s Ass. While the popular name comes from a 14th century philosopher, it actually goes back as far as Aristotle. One popular form of the paradox goes like this: Suppose there is a donkey that wants (...)
  • 237 : A Skewed Perspective

    16 janvier, par erik seligman
    Audio Link If you’re a listener of this podcast, you’re probably aware of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and its strange consequences for objects traveling close to the speed of light. In particular, such an object will appear to have its length shortened in the direction of motion, as measured (...)
  • 236 : A Stubborn Tortoise

    20 décembre 2017, par erik seligman
    Audio Link If you have a middle-school-aged child, you’ve probably endured countless conversations where you think you’ve clearly explained your point, but it is always answered with a “Yes but”, and a further rationalization. Recently I was in such a situation, trying to convince my daughter to (...)

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